I made the colouring book

I tweeted a joke about making an adult colouring book with reflective questions on each page for evaluators and it found a VERY receptive audience, so….. I made a prototype! You can download the PDF here. I hope you all colour your way to some satisfying insights! Comment or tweet and tell me what you think, or show off your masterpieces for us all to enjoy. :D

Shout-out to André Luiz (@andreluizgollo) for putting up some great repeating pattern icons on The Noun Project that I was able to turn into the artwork for this colouring book.

sensitizing (dis)comfort

There’s a really great device that Michael Quinn Patton suggests using in developmental evaluation called ‘sensitizing concepts’. He’s borrowed it from qualitative research methods as a way of providing guidance to inquiry in complexity. Here’s a definition he gives in his qualitative methods book that came out a few years ago:

“Sensitizing concepts are terms, phrases, labels, and constructs that invite inquiry into what they mean to people in the setting(s) being studied. ... Qualitative inquiry using sensitizing concepts leaves terms purposefully undefined to find out what they mean to people in a setting. Sensitizing concepts are windows into a group’s worldview.”

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